Peter Spori

Attorney at Law
Peter Spori Peter Spori Peter Spori

Peter Spori is of counsel in Walder Wyss’s tax team. He advises primarily on projects involving the transfer of ownership of businesses, structuring and succession planning, issues surrounding financing and financial restructuring, as well as the planning of corporate group internal service arrangements. An interdisciplinary approach is important to him: national and international tax issues must be addressed in the context of a business’s goals and must take into account their relationship to other areas of law.

Born in 1946, Peter Spori studied at the University of Berne. After serving as a teaching assistant to a professor in the tax law department of the University of Berne, he has devoted himself to this field of law, in both theory and practice, through more than 30 years of practice with an international accounting firm and law firm. In addition, he was continuously involved in management responsibilities, both for his employer and for other businesses as a member of the board of directors. He has held positions as a board member or president of professional organisations (among others, the Swiss Association of Tax Law) and as an expert in the development of tax laws. He has published and lectured extensively.

Peter Spori speaks German, English and French. He is registered with the Zurich Bar Registry and admitted to practice in all Switzerland.


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