Venture capital investment in Switzerland: market and regulatory overview
18 pages
81 KB
co-authored by Luc Defferrard, Maurus Winzap, Florian Gunz Niedermann and Alexander Nikitine
in: "PLC Multi-Jurisdictional Guide 2013/2014: Private equity and venture capital" 14 May 2013
Switzerland – Scope of application of Swiss takeover rules
4 pages
96 KB
co-authored by Luc Defferrard, Urs P. Gnos and Lucas Hänni
in: Euromoney (Editor[s]), "Euromoney Yearbooks: International Mergers & Acquisitions Review"
Colchester 2012, pp. 66–69
Switzerland: Recent Developments in the Regulatory Environment for Alternative Investment Service Providers
2 pages
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co-authored by Luc Defferrard and Christian Staub
in: "Financier Worldwide" January 2010
Consolidation dans la gestion de fortune
1 pages
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(Consolidation in the asset management)
co-authored by Luc Defferrard and Hubertus Hillerström
in: "Le Temps" 12/2009, p. 18
New developments in financing Swiss assets
co-authored by Luc Defferrard
in: "Asset Finance International" September 1998