EmploymentNews 19: EU-Neuregelung Firmenfahrzeuge
4 pages
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(New EU regulation regarding company cars of Swiss entities)
by Ueli Sommer and Simone Wetzstein
April 2014
E-Discovery and Data Privacy – Chapter on Switzerland
co-authored by Jürg Schneider, Ueli Sommer and Michael Cartier
in: Catrien Noorda / Stefan Hanloser (Editor[s]), "E-Discovery and Data Privacy – A Practical Guide"
The Netherlands 2011, pp. 277–294
EmploymentNews 13: Datenschutzrechtliche Registrierungspflicht von Personaldossiers?
2 pages
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(Obligation under data protection law to register personnel files?)
by Ueli Sommer, Jürg Schneider and Dominic Steffen
March 2009