Country Q&A Switzerland
10 pages
866 KB
co-authored by Francis Nordmann and Johannes A. Bürgi
in: "PLC Corporate Real Estate Handbook 2010/2011" November 2010
Kommentar zu Art. 58-60, 62-66 Kollektivanlagegesetz (KAG)
(Commentary to Art. 58-60, 62-66 of the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act)
co-authored by Johannes A. Bürgi, Francis Nordmann and Elisabeth Moskric
Basel/Genf/München 2009
Newsletter 64: Liberalisation of the Federal Law Concerning the Acquisition of Residential Real Estate by Foreigners ("Lex Koller")
2 pages
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by Johannes A. Bürgi and Suzanne Merz
February 2006
The CMBS wave finally hits Switzerland
4 pages
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co-authored by Johannes A. Bürgi and Thomas Meister
in: "Global Securitisation and Structured Finance" 7/2006, pp. 28–31