Newsletter 106: SIX Swiss Exchange: Yes to Attorney Work Product Privilege in Investigations by the SIX and Yes to Substantial Fines for Breaches of the SIX Listing Rules
4 pages
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by Alexander Nikitine
November 2012
Swiss securitisation is picking up speed
9 pages
291 KB
co-authored by Johannes A. Bürgi, Lukas Wyss and Thomas S. Müller
in: "The Euromoney Securitisation & Structured Finance Handbook 2012/13"
London 2012, pp. 69–76
New tax regulation to stimulate the Swiss bond market
6 pages
315 KB
co-authored by Johannes A. Bürgi, Thomas Meister and Thomas S. Müller
in: "The Euromoney International Debt Capital Markets Handbook 2012"
2012, pp. 28–32
Hedge Funds in Switzerland
co-authored by Markus Pfenninger and David Borer
in: Florentino Carreno et al. (Editor[s]), "Hedge Funds, a Practical Global Handbook to the Law and Regulation"
London 2012, pp. 391–372
Newsletter 105: New Rules on Distribution of Foreign Investment Funds and Regulation of Asset Managers of such Funds
4 pages
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by Enrico Friz and Thomas S. Müller
October 2012
The Projects and Construction Review – Switzerland
25 pages
241 KB
co-authored by Thomas Müller-Tschumi and Francis Nordmann
in: Júlio César Bueno (Editor[s]), "The Projects and Construction Review"
2nd edition, London 2012, pp. 321–331
Kommentar zu Art. 1 – 40g OR
(Commentary on articles 1 – 40g of the Swiss Code of Obligations)
by Ahmet Kut
in: M. Amstutz et al. (Editor[s]), "Handkommentar zum Schweizer Privatrecht"
Zurich 2012 (2. Auflage)
Aktuelle Rechtsprechung des EuGH, EuGH Report 2/12
10 pages
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(Recent case law of the ECJ, ECJ Report 2/12)
by Jan Ole Luuk
in: "Steuer Revue" 6/2012, pp. 458–467
Kommentar zu Art. 1-3 der Schlussbestimmungen betreffend Aktiengesellschaften
(Commentary to Art. 1-3 of the Transitory Provisions re Corporations)
by Markus Vischer
in: Honsell/Vogt/Watter (Editor[s]), "Basler Kommentar zum Schweizerischen Privatrecht, Obligationenrecht II"
4. Auflage, Basel 2012, pp. 2321–2330
Capital Markets: Q&A Switzerland
17 pages
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co-authored by Johannes A. Bürgi and Thomas S. Müller
in: "PLC Multi-Jurisdictional Guide 2012/13"
London 2012
Switzerland – Scope of application of Swiss takeover rules
4 pages
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co-authored by Luc Defferrard, Urs P. Gnos and Lucas Hänni
in: Euromoney (Editor[s]), "Euromoney Yearbooks: International Mergers & Acquisitions Review"
Colchester 2012, pp. 66–69
Die UWG-Revision vom 17. Juni 2011 im Überblick
(The revision of the Swiss Unfair Competition Act of June 17, 2011)
co-authored by Ahmet Kut and Demian Stauber
in: "Jusletter" 20 February 2012
Hybride Finanzierungsinstrumente im nationalen und internationalen Steuerrecht der Schweiz
(Hybrid Financial Instruments in Domestic and International Tax Law)
by Peter Hongler
Zurich 2012 (Dissertation)