Cybersecurity – Switzerland 2016

by Michael Isler and Jürg Schneider
in: Law Business Research Ltd. (Editor[s]), "Getting the Deal Through"
2nd Edition, London 2016, p. 5

Bundesverwaltungsgericht hebt die Verfügung der WEKO in Sachen Altimum SA («Bergsportartikel») auf(Swiss Federal Administrative Court sets aside COMCO's decision with respect to Altimum SA («mountaineering articles»))

by Gion Giger
in: dRSK (Digitaler Rechtsprechungs-Kommentar)" 2 February 2016

Consumers in Arbitration – From a Swiss Perspective

co-authored by Dieter Hofmann and Pascale Köster
in: Klausegger/Klein/Kremslehner/Petsche/Pitkowitz/Power/Welser/Zeiler (Editor[s]), "Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2016"
10. Auflage, Vienna 2016, pp. 3–20