Popular initiative «Supporting organ donation – saving lives»

26. Juni 2019 – The popular initiative “Supporting organ donation – saving lives” demands the introduction of a narrow contradiction solution, in order to substantially increase the number of organ donations. Today, the consent solution applies in Switzerland. Organ donation is only possible if the deceased has agreed to donate during his or her lifetime. The new contradiction solution would allow organs to be removed from a deceased person if he or she did not oppose this during his or her lifetime. The Federal Council supports the proposal of the initiative in principle, but suggests introducing a broader contradiction solution in order to safeguard the rights of the relatives. The relatives shall remain able to refuse to donate organs if this is in accordance with the will of the deceased person. At its meeting of 14 June 2019, the Federal Council instructed the Federal Department of Home Affairs to draft an indirect counterproposal (for further information, see: here).