Coronavirus: Federal Council introduces tighter measures

17. Dezember 2021 – Stricter measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus will apply throughout Switzerland from Monday, 20 December. Only people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 will be able to go inside restaurants, cultural, sporting and leisure venues and attend indoor events (2G). The move is intended to reduce the risk of unimmunised people from becoming infected as they are also more likely to pass on the virus and become seriously ill. To provide additional protection, masks must also be worn in these settings and food and drink may only be consumed while seated. In settings where masks cannot be worn, such as brass band practice, or where it is not possible to eat or drink while seated, such as at bars and discos, admission will be limited to vaccinated or recovered persons who also present a negative test result (2G+). People who within the last four months have been fully vaccinated, received a booster or recovered from COVID-19 do not have to take a further test. A requirement to work from home has been re-introduced. Private gatherings are limited to 10 people if one person from the age of 16 is present who is unvaccinated or has not previously had COVID-19. These are the decisions taken by the Federal Council at its meeting on 17 December. The Federal Council also settled the question of how test costs are to be covered and the procurement of additional vaccine doses.

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