Data Protection

As technology advances, more and more information is being collected, stored, and exchanged all over the world. Personal data has become a precious economic commodity and data protection is acquiring increasing significance.

Our professionals have extensive experience in all issues relating to data protection law and the protection of personal privacy. We advise clients on how to ensure compliance with data protection laws within the company, represent parties before the cantonal and federal data protection authorities, draft data protection agreements, and advise private clients and public entities on all matters of data protection law. We regularly assist clients who are subject to specific confidentiality obligations, such as in the banking, telecommunications, health, and insurance sectors.

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Our key practice areas are:

  • Drawing up data protection concepts and strategies for companies
  • Providing advice and assistance with regard to the registration of data files and notifications to the data protection authorities
  • Advising on intra-group and international data transfers and drafting of the required contracts
  • Drafting of contracts with data processors, in particular in connection with outsourcing projects
  • Assistance with respect to information duties and responses to information requests
  • Drafting of consent forms for data processing
  • Drafting of internal data protection guidelines for companies, such as on the use of e-mail and internet in the workplace, and data storage and archiving
  • Providing compliance advice for the processing of customer data, such as in direct marketing
  • Advising on the processing of employee data
  • Providing data protection training
  • Drafting of data protection policies for websites and e-commerce
  • Advising on the processing of personal data in the healthcare sector, in particular with relation to medical devices, pharmaceutical research and clinical trials
  • Advising on the processing of personal data in the insurance, banking, and telecommunication sectors
  • Assistance in discovery proceedings
  • Advising on legal requirements with regard to data security, and duties in the event of a security breach or data loss
  • Assistance with the implementation of data protection requirements with regard to M&A transactions and internal compliance audits

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We are pleased to advise you

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