Information Technology & Telecommunications

New technologies demand new legal expertise and new solutions.

Information technology (IT) has become an important growth factor in virtually all sectors of the economy. Walder Wyss’s core competencies include drafting software licensing agreements as well as agreements on e-commerce, system integration, outsourcing and data processing. Our lawyers deepen their knowledge of technology and the IT industry by regularly working on site for clients. We therefore have both the technical and industry know-how to assist our clients in executing IT transactions and in solving regulatory and other legal issues in the IT sector.

In the telecommunications sector we advise clients on acquisitions, the sale and transfer of licences and concessions, and contacts with regulatory bodies, as well planning and building infrastructure.

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Our key areas of activity are:

  • Designing and structuring a full range of IT contracts, including licensing, maintenance, support, service and escrow agreements
  • Supporting clients in negotiating contracts
  • Providing advice during the quotation and tender stages
  • Assisting with contract execution and change processes
  • Performing risk analyses and taking remedial action (such as with sub-licensing or projects in jeopardy)
  • Providing advice on e-commerce issues, electronic payments systems and other new e-offers
  • Conducting IT audits and risk analyses
  • Offering training in the drafting of contracts and compliance issues
  • Supporting clients in the fight against software piracy
  • Providing advice on acquisitions within the telecommunications sector
  • Providing advice on selling and transferring telecoms licences and concessions
  • Providing advice on contracts between telecoms providers
  • Providing advice on infrastructure projects
  • Representing our clients before all state courts, arbitral tribunals and administrative authorities

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