Taxing Tokens - A Swiss Perspective On the Taxation of Initial Coin Offerings and Blockchain-Based Tokens

by Marius Breier
co-authored by Peter Hongler and Maurus Winzap
in: "Tax Notes International" Volume 89, Number 12, pp. 1159-1168

Selbstregulierung im Finanzmarktrecht - Grundlagen, verwaltungsrechtliche Qualifikationen und rechtsstaatlicher Rahmen (Präsentation der Dissertation)(Self-regulation in Financial Market Law - Bases, Administrative Qualifications and Framework of Constitutional Legality (Thesis Presentation))

by Pascal Zysset
in: "GesKR" 1/2018, p. 67

Tax Newsletter: Swiss Government adopts proposal for a corporate tax reform ("Tax Proposal 17") and submits its dispatch to Parliament

by Maurus Winzap and Robert Desax
March 2018