Coronavirus: Quarantine and requirement to work from home apply until end of February; other measures provisionally until end of March

23 gennaio 2022 – In view of the strained situation in hospitals, the Federal Council is extending the validity of measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus. That is the decision taken at the meeting on 19 January. The requirement to work from home will stay in place until the end of February, as well as the rules on contact quarantine. The '2G' and '2G plus' rule for certain indoor settings, the extended mask requirement in indoor settings, the '3G' rule for outdoor events with over 300 people, and restrictions on private gatherings will apply until the end of March. The Federal Council will continuously monitor the pandemic situation to decide whether measures can be lifted earlier. The Federal Council is also shortening the validity period of certificates issued as proof of vaccination and recovery from COVID-19 to 270 days from the end of January.

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