Federal Council requests extension of certain provisions in the Covid-19 Act

29 aprile 2022 – With the lifting of all measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, the extraordinary situation under the Epidemics Act also ended on 1 April 2022 and the situation returned to normal. Despite the stabilization of the situation, it can be assumed that seasonal waves of illness with Sars-CoV-2 will continue to occur in the future. The Federal Council would therefore like to ensure that specific instruments for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic remain available to the Confederation beyond 2022. At its meeting on 27 April 2022, it thus decided to apply to Parliament for a selective extension of the Covid-19 Act until summer 2024, for instance for the development of Covid-19 medicines, for the issuing of Covid certificates, especially for travel abroad, or for the coverage of the costs for tests. The proposals are now in consultation with the cantons until 9 May 2022; the adoption of the message is planned before the summer session.

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