Health policy strategy of the Federal Council 2020-2030

11 December 2019 – Under the title Health2020, the Swiss Confederation and the Cantons have pursued more than 36 measures since 2013 to ensure that the health system is well adapted to the challenges ahead and kept affordable. On 6 December 2019, the Federal Council adopted the Health2030 strategy, which builds on the work of Health2020. With the health strategy 2020-2030, the Federal Council aims to further improve the system so that all people in Switzerland can continue to benefit from a good and affordable health system in the future. It focuses mainly on the four most urgent challenges: (i) technological and digital change, (ii) demographic and social changes, (iii) the maintenance of high-quality and affordable health care and (iv) the chances on a life in health. Health2030 sets out 8 objectives and 16 measures for implementation. The Federal Department of Home Affairs will plan the implementation with the partners involved. For further information, see here.