Related-Party Transactions aus Sicht des Schweizer Steuerrechts – Dos and Don’ts
[Related-Party Transactions from the Perspective of Swiss Tax Law – Dos and Don‘ts]

Speaker Fabienne Limacher
«Interessenkonflikte: Recht & Best Practice», Seminar Europa Institut an der Universität Zürich
4 October 2022

Steuerliche Rückwirkung bei Umstrukturierungen unter Berücksichtigung des Kreisschreibens Nr. 5a vom 1.2.2022
[Retroactive effect of reorganisations for tax purposes under consideration of the SFTA circular letter No. 5a as of 1 February 2022]

by Marius Breier
in: IFF Forum für Steuerrecht 03/2022, pp. 239-256, 22 August 2022

Death and Taxes Are Absolute Certainties – But Litigation Doesn’t Need to Be

Speaker Philippe Pulfer
Cambridge Forum for international Wealth Advisors
Chewton Glen, Hampshire, United Kingdom, 28 April 2022

Lunch-Learn: How to Incentivize Your Team

Speaker Fabienne Limacher
Fongit (virtual event)
21 April 2022

Immobilien & Steuern
[Real Estate & Taxes]

Speaker Fabienne Limacher
Immobilienmanagement 2, ZHAW
13 April 2022

Erfahrungen und Schlüsselfaktoren eines erfolgreichen Exits
[Experiences and key factors of a successful exit]

Speakers Fabienne Limacher, Andy Schwarzenbach [co-author] and Jeremias Meier [co-author]
Swiss Startup Association (virtual event)
30 March 2022

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Prise de résidence en Suisse : Quel régime fiscal privilégier ?
[Taking up residence in Switzerland: Which tax regime is best?]

Speaker Fouad G. Sayegh
Établissement de résidence en Suisse by Finix Events
15 March 2022