COVID-19: Reports of suspected adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines in Switzerland

15 février 2021 – Swissmedic, in collaboration with the regional pharmacovigilance centres, has evaluated 63 reports of suspected adverse drug reactions (ADR) to COVID-19 vaccinations in Switzerland. Of those patients affected, there were more women (57%) than men (32%), although the gender is not stated in some reports (11%). 59% of the reports were classified as not serious. The most commonly reported reactions in these non-serious reports were headache, chills, fever and pain at the injection site. 41% of the reports were classified as serious. The most common were breathing difficulties (dyspnoea), skin swelling (angioedema), skin rashes associated with allergic reactions and severe flu symptoms, including high fever or badly aching limbs. In six of the serious reports, fatalities were reported. The patients were between 85 and 92 years old and had pre-existing diseases. These deaths resulted from illnesses that commonly occur in this age range, including infections, cardiovascular events or diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract. Despite a chronological correlation, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that the vaccination was the cause of death.

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