New regulations for unpaid health insurance premiums: Opening of the consultation procedure

14 octobre 2022 – In March 2022, Parliament passed an amendment to the Health Insurance Act (Bundesgesetz über die Krankenversicherung, KVG) regarding the enforcement of the obligation to pay health insurance premiums. This will enable the cantons to have the loss certificates for unpaid premiums assigned to them by the insurers. In addition, minors will no longer be charged for premiums not paid by their parents. To reduce collection costs, health insurers are now to carry out a maximum of two collections per year and per insured person. At its meeting of 12 October 2022, the Federal Council has now sent an amendment to the Ordinance on Health Insurance (Verordnung über die Krankenversicherung, KVV) for consultation, which sets out the provisions on unpaid premiums of the compulsory health insurance. In particular, the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) is to be given the authority to regulate the costs for reminders and requests for payment from insurers. In addition, the modalities for the cantons to take over certificates of loss are to be clarified.

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