Coronavirus: Reports of delayed local reactions after vaccination

4. März 2021 – Swissmedic is receiving reports of delayed local reactions occurring around the injection site after vaccination to protect against COVID-19. These delayed local reactions may occur about a week after vaccination and improve without further action after a few days. Most of the reports to date relate to Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine. In several of the reports sent to Swissmedic it appears that some individuals with reactions had been treated with an antibiotic, based on the presumably incorrect suspicion of a bacterial skin infection (erysipelas). In certain cases, it may be unclear whether patients with a delayed local skin reaction should receive the second dose of the vaccine. Swissmedic advises not to skip or delay the second dose of vaccine, as it is important for effective vaccine protection.

However, Swissmedic states that these reports do not change the positive benefit-risk profile of the COVID-19 vaccines. The known side effects of COVID-19 vaccines are listed in the continually updated medicinal product information published on

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