Coronavirus: Federal Council adopts policy paper on goals, tasks and responsibilities in the transition phase

19. Mai 2022 – At the end of March 2022, the Federal Council lifted the last measures against the spread of the coronavirus and ended the special situation. Due to the uncertainty of the epidemiological development, increased vigilance and response capacity are necessary until at least spring 2023. For this reason, at its meeting on 18 May 2022, the Federal Council adopted a policy paper that sets out the objectives and distribution of tasks during this transitional phase. With the change to the normal situation, it is no longer the Confederation but the cantons that are responsible for ordering any measures such as isolation, mandatory masks, or access restrictions and for coordinating them among themselves; the Confederation supports them as needed, for example with recommendations. The Confederation is responsible for surveillance, the international movement of persons and the provision of therapeutic products. It is also responsible for all measures based on the Covid 19 Act, such as the provision of the Covid certificate. The cantons are responsible in particular for testing capacities, vaccination services, hospital capacity and measures.

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