EmploymentNews 19: EU-Neuregelung Firmenfahrzeuge
4 pages
798 KB
(New EU regulation regarding company cars of Swiss entities)
by Ueli Sommer and Simone Wetzstein
April 2014
Newsletter 110: New Swiss Law on Accounting and Financial Reporting - at the Halfway Mark of the Implementation
4 pages
1 MB
by Simon Kehl and Dominik Hohler
April 2014
Newsletter 109: Make taste, not waste - advertising from an unfair competition perspective
4 pages
1 MB
by Magda Streuli-Youssef and Kim N. Leuch
December 2013
Newsletter Special Edition: Umsetzung der «Abzocker-Initiative» - Die VegüV liegt vor.
4 pages
242 KB
(Implementation of the «Minder-Initiative» - The implementing ordinance («VegüV») has been presented.)
by Alexander Nikitine and Lucas Hänni
November 2013
Newsletter 106: SIX Swiss Exchange: Yes to Attorney Work Product Privilege in Investigations by the SIX and Yes to Substantial Fines for Breaches of the SIX Listing Rules
4 pages
177 KB
by Alexander Nikitine
November 2012
Newsletter 99: The new Swiss Federal Patent Court will begin hearing cases on January 1, 2012
4 pages
1 MB
by Demian Stauber and Markus R. Frick
August 2011
Newsletter 98: Jurisdiction Clauses in Light of the Revised Lugano Convention and the New Swiss Code of Civil Procedure
4 pages
766 KB
by Dieter Hofmann and Franziska Studer
June 2011
Newsletter 92: New Swiss Law on Product Safety
2 pages
63 KB
by Matthias U. Studer
April 2010
VergabeNews 1: Wechselwirkungen zwischen Beschaffungs- und Privatrecht
3 pages
84 KB
(Interdependence between procurement and civil law)
by Micha Bühler
November 2009
EmploymentNews 13: Datenschutzrechtliche Registrierungspflicht von Personaldossiers?
2 pages
143 KB
(Obligation under data protection law to register personnel files?)
by Ueli Sommer, Jürg Schneider and Dominic Steffen
March 2009
Newsletter 82: Public Procurement Legislation – When Public Entities go Shopping
2 pages
107 KB
by Carol Gehrer
December 2008
Newsletter 79: Indemnity for Goodwill and Termination of Distribution Contracts under Swiss Law
2 pages
93 KB
by Micha Bühler
September 2008
Newsletter 76: The New Swiss Emissions Trading Scheme
2 pages
446 KB
by Oliver Gnehm
February 2008
Newsletter 73: Bribery in the Private Sector - "Few Men Have Virtue to Withstand the Highest Bidder"
2 pages
433 KB
by Dieter Hofmann and Oliver M. Kunz
August 2007
Newsletter 56: Comprehensive Revision of the Swiss Export Risk Guarantee
2 pages
52 KB
by Jörg A. Witmer
March 2005
Newsletter 48: New Swiss Rules of International Commercial Arbitration
2 pages
75 KB
by Micha Bühler
March 2004
Newsletter 45: Corporate Criminal Liability Comes to Switzerland
2 pages
96 KB
by Micha Bühler
November 2003
Newsletter 43: Swiss Corporate Boards are Opened to EU and EFTA Citizens
2 pages
72 KB
by Marc-Alain Galeazzi
September 2003
Newsletter 34: New Federal Law on Designs
2 pages
53 KB
by Magda Streuli-Youssef
June 2002
Newsletter 23: New IBA Rules of Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration
2 pages
61 KB
by Philipp Habegger
October 2000
Newsletter 22: Swiss Patent Law and Parallel Imports
2 pages
19 KB
by Johannes A. Bürgi
August 2000