Markus Vischer

Markus Vischer

Dr. iur., LL.M., Attorney at Law




Direct phone: +41 58 658 55 32

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Markus Vischer is a partner at Walder Wyss since 1995. His main areas of practice are M&A, private equity and venture capital transactions, business reorganizations and corporate and commercial incl. employment and real estate law. He is a recognized leader in M&A due to his involvement in major transactions, in particular in the media-, real estate-, IT and health care area, and due to his many publications.

Markus Vischer was educated at the University of Zurich (lic. iur. 1984, Dr. iur. 1986) and at the University of London (LL.M. 1991). He has working experience as a research assistant at the University of Zurich, as a District Court clerk and as an associate in a tax law firm in Zurich and in a law firm in London.

Markus Vischer speaks German, English and French. He is registered with the Zurich Bar Registry and admitted to practice in all Switzerland.

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