Triple – Net Mietverträge – Möglichkeiten und Grenzen
(Triple-net lease agreements – possibilities and limitations)
by Elisabeth Moskric
in: "Real Estate RFM Immobilien und Anlagen" 2010, pp. 24–26
Kommentar zu Art. 58-60, 62-66 Kollektivanlagegesetz (KAG)
(Commentary to Art. 58-60, 62-66 of the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act)
co-authored by Johannes A. Bürgi, Francis Nordmann and Elisabeth Moskric
Basel/Genf/München 2009
Swiss real estate financing and refinancing – latest trends and developments
co-authored by Francis Nordmann and Elisabeth Moskric
in: Peter Townshend (Editor[s]), "Euromoney Yearbooks: Real Estate Finance & Investment Review 2009 – 2010"
2009, pp. 61–63
Die Zulässigkeit von Triple-Net Mietverträgen im schweizerischen Mietrecht
12 pages
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(Triple-net lease agreements under Swiss tenancy law)
co-authored by Simon Urbach and Elisabeth Moskric
in: "Aktuelle Juristische Praxis (AJP)" 8/2008, pp. 995–1006