Marius Breier

Marius Breier

M.A. HSG en comptabilité et finances, Expert fiscal diplômé




Téléphone direct: +41 58 658 56 58

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Domaines d'activité: Droit fiscal

Marius Breier is a partner in Walder Wyss’ Tax Team. He advises clients in the fields of domestic and international corporate tax as well as individual tax. Marius Breier focuses particularly on national and international corporate reorganisations and M&A transactions, transfer pricing as well as international relocations of corporations and private clients. He is also an expert in all tax issues related to the taxation of investment funds, financial products and crypto assets.

Marius Breier is trained as a bank clerk with Dresdner Bank AG in Bonn and studied at the University of St.Gallen (B.A. HSG; M.A. HSG in Accounting and Finance). He graduated as certified tax expert in 2016. He worked as Research Assistant to Prof. Dr. Robert Waldburger at the University of St.Gallen.

Marius Breier speaks German and English.

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