Kinga M. Weiss

Kinga M. Weiss

Dr. iur., LL.M., TEP, Avocate, Avocate spécialiste FSA en droit successoral




Téléphone direct: +41 58 658 56 80

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Kinga M. Weiss is a partner and co-chair of the Private Clients team of Walder Wyss. She primarily devotes her time to domestic and foreign private clients, banks and family offices. Her areas of expertise are centered around both private clients and entrepreneurs in matters of inheritance law, including marital property law, relating to estate planning, business succession and execution of wills. Cross-border cases account for the bulk of her field of action. Besides, she also supports clients with relocation, asset structuring, trust and endowment matters and tax affairs. She regularly holds speeches and publishes articles in and outside of Switzerland. Kinga M. Weiss was a member of the Expert Commission on the revision of the Swiss Private International Law Act on inheritance law. She chairs the Schulthess Forum conference and is the country correspondent for Trusts & Trustees, the leading international journal on trust law and practice and the official journal of the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law.

She is a member of the Zurich Bar Association, Swiss Bar Association, International Bar Association (IBA), the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law as well as a fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC).

Born in 1969, Kinga M. Weiss was educated at the University of Zurich (lic.iur. 1996, Dr.iur. 1999) and New York University School of Law (LL.M. 2003). In 2000 she passed the bar and qualified as an attorney and in 2011 she graduated as certified specialist SBA inheritance law. She has working experience as clerk at the District Court of Meilen and as attorney for several years with a major Zurich law firm.

Kinga M. Weiss speaks German, English and Hungarian. She is registered with the Zurich Bar Registry and admitted to practice in all Switzerland.

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