David Cuendet

David Cuendet

Senior Associate
MLaw, Attorney at Law




Direct phone: +41 58 658 52 69

Curriculum Vitae

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David Cuendet advises and represents clients in state court litigation and in arbitration, including with respect to pre-trial and enforcement issues. He specializes in civil and criminal procedure, arbitration, contract law, debt collection and bankruptcy law, white collar crime and international sanctions regulations.

David Cuendet routinely deals with complex cases involving several jurisdictions, authorities, and languages simultaneously. He is experienced in dealing inter alia with authorities in several German- and French-speaking cantons.

His professional experience includes in particular obtaining or defending against ex parte interim injunctions (including in front of an emergency arbitrator) and attachments, asserting or averting a wide array of contractual claims (e.g. guarantee, shareholders’ agreement, sale and purchase, credit, loan, agency, distribution, construction, judicial or extra-judicial settlement), representing aggrieved or accused parties in criminal investigations (e.g. bribery, fraud, criminal mismanagement, misappropriation) and enforcing decisions, including through debt collection and bankruptcy.

David Cuendet was educated at Geneva University (Certificate of Transnational law in 2012; MLaw in 2013). During his studies, he worked as a research assistant with Prof. Dr. Bruno Schmidlin and Prof. Dr. Victor Monnier. Before joining Walder Wyss, he worked with a leading business law firm in Geneva, where he had previously performed his attorney traineeship. He was admitted to the bar in 2015.

David Cuendet works in English, German and French. He is registered with the Zurich Bar Registry and admitted to practice in all Switzerland.